Zombies in Glenorie

Zombies in Glenorie

An actor from Helsinki and a sound recordist from the Gold Coast walked onto a movie set in Glenorie and found … they both went to the same school … in Kenthurst! What are the chances? Leading lady of #1 Netflix Horror film Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead, Bianca Bradey, returned from Finland in January […]

What Easter Means to me

Easter Means

By Kerron May Forget the cutesy rabbits and chickens, to me Easter means redemption, renewal, rebirth and more particularly, chocolate. It is a chance to begin again with a fresh perspective on life, to see things from a different aspect: a time of optimism, hope and chocolate. The past year has been a turbulent one […]

Pani Cafe in Fagan Park

Pani Cafe

When I saw Fagan Park for the first time, I loved it. There were families, couples, joggers, all enjoying the beautifully manicured gardens and ponds. Fagan Park was perfect … but it was missing one thing… Good Coffee! I am a “people person” and a coffee lover, so during the pandemic, I decided to open […]

The Community Defib Project Comes to Glenorie

Community Defib Project

A sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is a medical emergency that requires immediate medical assistance to save that person’s life. Someone who is unconscious and NOT breathing is suffering a sudden cardiac arrest. Access to a defibrillator/AED in conjunction with providing effective CPR is time critical to save life. The Community Defib Project is a not-forprofit […]

Arcadia Galston Residents Association

Arcadia Galston Residents Association

AGRA held a face to face meeting on the 16th March at the Galston Club. Fantastic to see everyone, and an excellent number of people attended. Members discussed many topics relevant to our 2159 postcode. Hornsby Council Play Plan Councilor Warren Waddell addressed the meeting regarding the Playgrounds in the shire. The Play Plan is […]

CWA News

CWA News

We are so lucky to be surrounded by such beauty and abundance in this little pocket of Hills Rural and Hornsby Shire nestled at the foot of the Gorge. From Dural to Galston, Glenorie, and everything in between we are spoilt for choice with some of the best roadside stalls, nurseries, bakeries, cafes, parks, and […]

Local Candidate Roars in Lions Public Speaking Event

Public Speaking Event

By Gavin Ridley Local Galston student Tyler Old of Northholm Grammar School won the public speaking section of Lions Youth Of the Year event run by West Pennant Hills Cherrybrook Lions Club recently. Tyler did exceptionally well in answering the two impromptu questions “What Does School NOT teach you?” and “What Does The Face Mask […]

The World’s Greatest Shave

Greatest Shave

With so many of us today having been affected in one way or another by some form of cancer, be it personally or somebody we know, it’s hard to ignore the fact that we need to do everything we can to help find a cure for this terrible disease. Early last year it was my […]

News from the Friends of Fagan Park – GREAT NEWS!

great news

Council has given the “all clear” to open Fagan Park to the public again. This means we will have our Open Day on ANZAC DAY, Monday 26 April. Come up and have a look at all the treasures in our custody. You, the citizens of Hornsby Shire, are really the owners. This also means we […]

Arcadian Quilting News

Arcadian Quilting

What a JOY! Again we can look forward to our group meetings on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month with some level of confidence. The Community Health Centre at Galston is observing Covid 19 requirements very well as we are too, so … fingers crossed for the future!! At our last meeting we […]