The Community Defib Project Comes to Glenorie

A sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is a medical emergency that requires immediate medical assistance to save that person’s life.

Someone who is unconscious and NOT breathing is suffering a sudden cardiac arrest. Access to a defibrillator/AED in conjunction with providing effective CPR is time critical to save life. The Community Defib Project is a not-forprofit organisation that installs community accessible defibrillators to vulnerable communities with their mission being to save lives. The project supports many communities of NSW and is proud to be coming to Glenorie.

The Glenorie Committee kicked off the Community Defib Project – Glenorie, with an introductory workshop with founder and CEO Sophie Wills earlier this month.

Thank you to those who attended and have joined the committee to support the implementation of the project for our community.

An AED (automated external defibrillator) is a life-saving, portable device that can be used by anyone to save the life of someone who suffers a sudden cardiac arrest by ‘shocking the heart’ back into its normal rhythm.

In the event of a sudden cardiac arrest, an AED must be administered without delay. With every minute that passes without defibrillation, the patient’s chance of survival decreases by approximately 10%.

Our goal is to ensure every community member in Glenorie and surrounds is within 10 minutes of an AED.

In order to help us service the Glenorie community best, we need to know where the existing AEDs are in the community, perform a health assessment on the AED and identify where the gaps are within the community. From there we’ve made a plan to install more to ensure 24/7 timely access to the whole community. We can’t do it alone and need help from the community!

We already know that Glenorie RSL is kindly willing to move their AED from the inside of the Club to the outside to ensure it is 24/7 accessible to the whole community.

As the Community Defib Project is growing, more security has been made available to install AEDs in Glenorie including GPS tracking and instant notification of access to ensure the security of the AEDs the project installs.

You can support this important community project via any of the following ways:

1. Do you have an AED? Let us know of the location of any AEDs that you are aware of in Glenorie.

2. Want to be involved? Join the Committee – this is a volunteer role in the planning and execution of the project. You will certainly know at least one of these locals who have already committed their support to the project – Diana Paton, Gail Pausey, Priscilla French, Mel Wilson, Liz Nadalutti and Team Leader, Sonja Best.

3. Sponsor the project? Sponsorship packages are available from $500. Please contact us to find out more.

4. Donate to the project Every dollar counts to reach the vision of 24/7 accessibility for every resident and visitor to Glenorie and follow the prompts to donate via paypal or contact us to find out more.

Contact us [email protected] Learn more www. Follow us on Facebook

To keep you informed, the Committee will provide updates on the project here each month.

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