Testing hearing is child’s play

Did you know, at Hear-Clear Australia, we can test your child’s hearing as young as 8 months?

When your child doesn’t respond to your voice or startle at loud noises or isn’t developing speech and language at the same time as his peers, it is time to consider the possibility of hearing loss.

Research has shown that the long-term experience of this symptom, even that caused by infection will affect a child’s social, emotional and speech development. Hearing loss in school-age children will limit their ability to learn and retain information.

The most common cause of hearing loss in young children is otitis media or middle ear infection, commonly called “glue ear”. This type of infection affects 80% of all children, at some time, up to the age of 3. Many children recover without intervention and no further action is required. However, for some children, infections persist or recur, leading to lengthy periods of this symptom.

This symptom may also be caused by changes to the inner ear or auditory nerve due to genetics, injury or illness.

These tests are conducted by playing sounds of varying loudness and pitch to provide information about the type and extent of the hearing loss.

Testing the hearing of children is designed to be painless and fun. With very young children, we use VROA (Visual Reinforcement Orientation Audiometry) where we monitor a child’s response to sounds by using puppets and toys.

For older children (over the age of 3 years) we use Play Audiometry, involving the child in a game making a mark with a stamp when they hear a sound.

Early detection and treatment of hearing loss in children are important. Contact our clinic today to make an appointment for a test. No referral is required.

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