KU Galston Preschool has been providing quality early childhood education and care to the local community for nearly four decades.

It’s a preschool where ‘everyone knows everyone’. Regular plays in the park are organised after preschool so children can play and connect with each other in a different environment, and social gatherings such as BBQs in the local park are often organised with families that are new to the community.

The preschool has been independently assessed and rated by the NSW Department of Education as ‘Exceeding’ across all seven quality areas of the National Quality Standard, however what matters most to the centre is what their families think.

“I have been to other centres, but I wouldn’t send my child anywhere else now I’ve found KU Galston. It is hands down the best centre in the area,” said KU Galston parent, Tamika.

“Children are loved and encouraged to develop and explore their individual interests and personalities and they have a wonderful outdoor space that compliments the natural environment.”

“My child has gone from an introverted 3-year-old who wouldn’t speak due to a speech delay, to a confident, well rounded 5-year-old with a beautiful personality. It’s all thanks to the amazing staff at KU Galston.”

As well as the close relationships and strong sense of community at KU Galston, the preschool’s program has a focus on environmental sustainability.

The preschool recently took part in the ‘Becoming Eco Smart within KU’ program which looked at different ways the centre could incorporate environmentally sustainable activities within their curriculum, as well as ways the preschool itself could become more sustainable.

KU Galston has been reviewing their waste, minimising their packaging and reducing their environmental footprint. The centre has a recycled water tank, a worm farm and a vegetable patch, and has been taking part in activities such as composting, gardening and a range of cooking experiences with the children.

See, hear and feel the difference at KU Galston. For more information visit or contact the centre directly on 02 9653 2252 or [email protected]