GLENORIE RFS – Handle with Safety

August is a great time of year to start preparations for spring. The days begin to warm up a little, and there is more incentive to get into the garden. GLENORIE RFS GLENORIE RFS

This is a good time to check trees on your property for any damage that may have happened during the winter. Warmer weather brings storms, so it’s important to make sure there are no weak or damaged branches overhanging your house that may come down in adverse weather.

Fallen trees are a problem Glenorie RFS must often deal with. They fall and bring down power lines, block roads and driveways, or fall through homes.

This means we must be sure the chainsaw crews have undertaken appropriate training in readiness for these events. Several members recently participated in chainsaw recertification to ensure they maintain this important safety and handling skills. Combined with years of on-the-job experience dealing with fallen trees, these skills means crews are an effective team handling these situations.

Buying a chainsaw does not mean you will know how to operate and handle it safely. Many people buy one from the local hardware store without actually having experience with one. They are a great labour saving tool, especially on acreage; however, serious injury can occur in a split second when handling a chainsaw.

Be sure to get the proper training and invest in appropriate safety gear, including eye and ear protection, sturdy boots, and Kevlar chaps to avoid unnecessary risks. Do you really need to use a chainsaw? If you are pruning and have only small branches to cut, use a pruning saw or loppers.

It may be a better idea for bigger jobs to call in a professional arborist to do the necessary tasks for you. It is always much more fun to stand around and watch someone else do the hard jobs. GLENORIE RFS