Telstra/NBN Meeting at Dural Country Club


Following continual complaints by Arcadian, Glenorie and Galston residents about the quality (or lack of) our Telstra phone and internet services, Julian Leeser MP organised a Community Forum at Dural Country Club on 23rd August. This gave residents the opportunity to tell Telstra of their problems and also to learn how this area will be serviced by NBN Co.

Telstra were bombarded with complaints, and appeared to be quite surprised by the number and depth of the complaints. (you would think that they would have done a bit of homework first before attending..), but they tried to answer all the questions and further agreed to another community meeting in late September to address more concerns. At the meeting they noted each residents ongoing problems and agreed to provide an answer by the September meeting.

NBN Co outlined the services which will be provided to our local areas. The villages of Glenorie, Galston and Round Corner will be served by Fibre to the Curb (FTTC) (American spelling!) An optic fibre line will be run to the street front of your premises. Existing copper technology will then be used to make the final part of the NBN broadband access network connection. The acreage areas are planned to receive NBN Fixed Wireless Technology. In this circumstance data travels from a transmission tower located as much as 14kms from a premises to a rooftop antenna that has been fitted by an approved nbn™ Installer. This means most of the acreage properties will loose their fixed landlines (changeover is forced 18 months after NBN Wireless becomes available).

Appeals were made by NBN that if anyone was interested in having a tower on their property, they should contact NBN Co as locations were still being sought. Questions were raised regarding quality of service given we are in the ‘Hills’ district. NBN Co confirmed that ‘line of sight’ to the towers was needed to obtain good signal. When questioned about properties surrounded by trees, they suggested the trees be trimmed (!!). Audience gasps were heard!

It was also noted that as landlines would be discontinued, there would be no internet during a blackout as the home NBN boxes required power. NBN Co said they would be working with providers of back to base alarms systems, medical alarms and other devices using landlines so an alternative solution is found.
Rollout of the NBN is planned to be completed by 2020.