LYNNE’S LEGS – A Surprise Ending Ben Bullen Road

Contributed by Lynne Newey

I was recommended this walk by a local shop-keeper who said it was a lovely walk with a pleasant surprise at the end. That sounded good to me, so off I went.

I parked at the end of Ben Bullen Road and started my walk from the fire trail gate.

The Ben Bullen Road track is wide and easy to follow. It was a sunny, wintery cool day when I set out with peace and tranquillity surrounding me: the birds and bush my walking companions.

Most of the trail is a gentle descent, just a bit gravelly in places. Gradually the trail narrows then reaches Colah Creek, which is the pleasant surprise I was told about. I waded through a sea of lush bracken to stand on a large sandy bank with the creek babbling over mossy rocks and pebbles.

I zig-zagged back and forth over the creek and was very tempted to take my joggers off and dabble my toes in the water.

I could see where the track went on a little further, but it was very overgrown, and I just wanted to sit for a while on a sandy bank and take in the amazing vista surrounding me. Ben Bullen Road ending

Having soaked it all up, I backtracked up the hill back to my car, ticking off another ‘leg’