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As the end of the school year draws near, Galston Public School students have been engaged in many activities such as the sessions of weekly Fit Futures Gymnastics, Peer Groups, various fundraisers including the ‘Build Your Future Today Centre’ (money raised for the needs of school children in Cambodian villages) and a captivating performance by indigenous performer, Sean Choolburra. His dynamic energy had everyone enthralled with his mix of ‘old world meets new world’ indigenous perspective.

On a musical note, the Junior and Senior Choirs and the Dance Group enjoyed performing at the Galston Early Learning Centre Twilight Markets recently.

What a great achievement for the Junior boys and girls teams who competed in the North Sydney League Tag Gala Day. They won their divisions and will progress to the finals. Congratulations to these students and also the senior boys and girls. They played with great enthusiasm, displayed exemplary sportsmanship and had an exciting day being proud representatives for their school.

In the Interschool Friendly Debating Competition final the Galston PS debating team won the debate. The team’s use of persuasive language, clear voices and a well-structured argument ensured their success.

The SRC organised its last fund-raising event with a visit from the RSPCA. This mufti day not only raised funds for a very worthy cause but also students learnt valuable information about this preeminent animal welfare organisation. A very generous donation was raised. This generosity exemplifies the tremendous spirit that exists and thrives in the Galston community.

Term 4 will conclude with a joyous Christmas Carol evening to be held in the school hall. This evening is to celebrate the wonderful community spirit of Galston Public School.

If you would like to know more about our vibrant school, please contact the school office (9653 2062) and any questions you have, will be happily answered.

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