Caring For Your Small Acreage


An information guide is available for people living on rural residential properties.

As your local Landcare group, we have issued a brief guide on the skills and knowledge required to help us all better manage our land. Better managing our land also results in better environmental management of the surrounding properties and bush and waterways. The guide covers:

• Bushland
• Weeds
• Soil
• Wildlife
• Water
• Horses
• Bushfires

The guide is available as hard copy in the Galston Library and as soft copy on our website. Links are provided to further information on our website.

Are you new to the area, or do you now have more time? We can provide advice on how to reduce weeds and regenerate or replant local native trees, shrubs and grasses.

Furthermore, a generous donor has enabled us to offer free local native plants to people living in Hornsby Council rural area or Hills Shire along Old Northern Road. We want the plants to go to people clearing privet, lantana or other weeds or who want to create or reinforce a wildlife corridor or improve a creek. Minimum is 40 plants. If this is you, contact us on the website or ring Barry on 9653 3691. or Facebook or phone 9653 2056