Galston Public School

As the end of the school year draws near, Galston Public School students have been engaged in many activities such as the sessions of weekly Fit Futures Gymnastics, Peer Groups, various fundraisers including the ‘Build Your Future Today Centre’ (money raised for the needs of school children in Cambodian villages) and a captivating performance by […]

Glenorie Mission Church

Christmas has become a frenzy of excess, a frenzy of spending and consuming. A time of ‘getting’ instead of ‘giving’. We spend more than we can afford, we eat and drink more than we need and the whole experience leaves many families loaded with debt, exhausted and glad when it’s finally all over. Our society, […]

The Wonder of Immanuel

James IV, one of Scotland’s greatest kings in the Middle Ages, employed a curious method in the government of his people. He would often disappear from the palace in disguise and walk unrecognised amongst his subjects in their everyday surroundings. Sometimes he was absent for weeks at a time, and even his closest advisers were […]

News from St Benedict’s

St Benedict’s Christmas Celebrations Christmas services begin with children’s mass at 7pm on Christmas Eve in the Parish Centre. Later, at 11:45pm, we’ll have Christmas carols followed by Midnight Mass. Christmas Day masses will be at 7am in the Monastery Chapel and 9am in the Parish Centre. ‘Spirit of Giving’ Christmas Banquet 25th December From […]

Caring For Your Small Acreage

An information guide is available for people living on rural residential properties. As your local Landcare group, we have issued a brief guide on the skills and knowledge required to help us all better manage our land. Better managing our land also results in better environmental management of the surrounding properties and bush and waterways. […]

Galston Garden Club

“We girls never give up” ladies who brought a champagne picnic and were determined that it would go ahead even though it was raining.

The garden beds were mulched, the plants pruned, paths were swept and all was ready for the Open Gardens Weekend and the much prayed for rain came…..the first day of the Open Gardens and did it rain! As we contemplated whether people would even turn up, the rain became heavier, but turn up they did, […]

Bromeliad Society of Australia

Bromeliads Make Wonderful Gifts for Christmas The Bromeliad Society of Australia will hold their next meeting and Christmas Party at the Federation Pavilion, Castle Hill Showground on Saturday, 9 December with plant sales commencing at 11am prior to the meeting. Access is via the new Showground entrance off Showground Road into Doran Drive, Castle Hill. […]

Budgerigar Society of NSW Inc

With Christmas nearly upon us, Hills Branch members have held their annual Christmas social gathering at a function centre in Pennant Hills. They are now looking forward to the extra leisure time, to spend more time with their birds; undertaking those jobs that may have been put off due to time restraints; or just enjoying […]

Local Playgroups

GALSTON Galston Kids Playgroup is located in the lower room of the Galston Community Health Centre. We have a fully stocked indoor/outdoor play area with sandpit, cubby, ride-on toys, craft supplies and more! Sessions span over a couple of hours and are unstructured, providing lots of time for kids to play while adults chat. Bring […]