Budgerigar Society of NSW Inc

With Christmas nearly upon us, Hills Branch members have held their annual Christmas social gathering at a function centre in Pennant Hills. They are now looking forward to the extra leisure time, to spend more time with their birds; undertaking those jobs that may have been put off due to time restraints; or just enjoying the extra time with their birds.

Thinking of purchasing a Budgerigar?
Enquiries are often received from the general public seeking birds as pets or just requesting advice. In general, if purchasing a bird ensure that it is bright and active, free of visual beak mite and can feed itself , should it be a baby. Whilst a bird is a great gift, adult supervision is a must for the bird’s safety if being introduced into a household where other pets are being kept.

Thinking of joining the Hills Branch, then the next few months will see various breeders being finished with their breeding season and assessing their birds; offering surplus birds at reasonable prices for quality birds. It is very rarely that good quality breeding stock will be found in a pet shop, that would be suitable for getting started in the budgerigar hobby.

Purchasing birds with particular features (not just colour, which attracts many people to the hobby) is a developed skill, which members of Hills Branch are only too willing to show and demonstrate to interested persons. Many people seek birds with no interest in breeding or showing and purely for the enjoyment of having an aviary of budgerigars in the garden, providing enjoyment whilst enjoying a coffee. That backyard aviary subsequently attracts other native birds to add to the overall enjoyment of keeping budgerigars.

On behalf of the Hills Branch President, Daniel Childs, an enjoyable and safe Christmas is extended to all readers and their families.

An invitation is extended to interested persons to visit Hills Branch as an individual, family or partnership and enjoy the company of members, view and discuss budgerigars.

Contact can be made with Hill Branch via Peter Dodd, by telephoning 9888-5631 or [email protected]

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