Galston High School News


For many years, Galston High School students have had the opportunity to be involved in the very successful Duke of Edinburgh Scheme. The scheme is a non-competitive, voluntary program of adventurous, practical and physical activities and community service. These activities provide students with the opportunity to acquire and develop skills, initiative and selfesteem which will help them to become more confident members of the community.

The scheme has three award levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. To obtain each level, students must complete 2 expeditions, develop their skills in physical recreation and complete a number of hours of community service. The Bronze Award is completed at Galston High School as an elective subject and covers trip planning and preparation, navigation and route planning, safety, first aid, camp craft, food preparation and cooking, care of the environment, teamwork and group skills, and use of camping equipment. Expeditions this year this year have included overnight walks in Dharug National Park (Bronze), the Blue Mountains (Silver) and the Snowy Mountains (Gold).

Our School Captains – Inspire, Lead, Succeed.

Galston High School is proud to present our new School Captains who form part of our prefect team, but we will let them introduce themselves:

My name is Callum Trethowan and I am honoured to be one of Galston High School’s School Captains for 2017-2018. I attended Dural Public School from kindergarten to year 5 and then moved to Galston Public School. Both primary schools gifted me opportunities that I embraced and took part in and have offered me life experiences that have been unforgettable.

For the HSC I am currently studying Advanced English, 2 Unit Mathematics, PDHPE, Engineering Studies, Chemistry and Biology. Being a student at Galston High has been an indelible experience so far and this is a fantastic school. Galston High School has provided me with new opportunities that have enabled me to grow both as a student and a leader over the past five years. I am looking forward to an exciting year ahead with my strong Prefect team, and aim to impact and continue the great work from the past Prefect teams to excel and shape our school.

My name is Chloe Lawler and I am honoured to be one of the Galston High School Captains of 2017 – 2018. Before arriving to Galston High School, I attended Castle Hill Primary School, a busy school teeming with life and which always encouraged us to pursue goals no matter what they were. Being a student at Galston High School has allowed me to grow as it offers many extracurricular activities which have helped to develop me as a person and given me an opportunity to step outside of my comfort zone. This includes being part of the House Leader team of 2016-2017, Anzac day ceremonies, debate team, poultry club, formal committee, knock out sport teams and Duke of Edinburgh. I am currently completing my Gold Duke of Ed, and it has been one of greatest experiences of my life.

I have chosen to do a wide range of subjects that interest and challenge me for my HSC. These include Advanced English, 2 unit Mathematics, Physics, Agriculture, Ancient History and Drama. Out of the 13 years of my schooling life I am sure this upcoming year will challenge me the most, however I am excited about the experiences and lessons that we will be learning along the way.