Amelie Stuut Receives Top Recognition

Galston High School’s Amelie Stuut has been acknowledged amongst the state’s most exceptional public education students, becoming a recipient of the 2021 NSW Minister’s Award for Student Achievement.

The Minister’s Award for Excellence in Student Achievement considers achievement in the academic, sporting, cultural and leadership fields, commitment to the school community and personal values.

Amelie, a Year 12 student currently completing her HSC, certainly fulfils all those criteria and it is fitting she has been acknowledged with the award shared amongst an elite 36 students in the state.

Amelie is an exceptional and all-around student academically – she has ranked towards the top of almost every subject she has undertaken from Year 7 through to Year 12. More than just an academic student, however, Amelie is a highly accomplished sportsperson, participating in the roles of player, captain, coach and referee.

As a player, Amelie has a particular ability in cricket, having played at the local representative level. Her leadership on the sporting field also translates into her daily life: Amelie is a natural leader and initiator who takes on roles not for profile or praise, but for the service they provide to others. Unsurprisingly, she is the school vice-captain and has held leadership roles through her time at Galston High School, including peer support leader, student spirit team member and welfare team founder.

As an active and energetic member of the school community, she regularly contributes to the vibrancy of school life and spirit.

Amelie Stuut is an exceptional, authentic and selfless young person who exemplifies the values around which learning communities are built and future citizens are made. Galston High School congratulates Amelie Stuut on this well-deserved recognition and wishes her well as she embarks on her HSC.