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Whilst Learning from Home our students have continued to actively participate in modelled writing lessons. We are very proud of what they have achieved during Term 3. The following piece of writing was completed by Patrick, one of Hillside Public School wonderful Year 5 students.

It was a cold night. Nose to the surface, he sniffed for traces of humans. Streetlights lit up in the dark, busy city while wrappers flew past the road. Suddenly, the stray dog noticed a loving hand slowly coming down to him. Hillside

“You are a soft little thing,” said the polite man. Hillside

The next morning, he awoke all snuggled up in a fresh, clean, new bed. Beside his feet, he noticed a new blue bowl, filled to the brim with yummy and delightful dog food. Winston was in heaven. He quickly scoffed it all down. To his amazement, the kind hand reached down and plopped a rasher of bacon and eggs on the top. What a taste bud explosion! What a fabulous feast! Winston flew up to heaven. Hillside

After months of delicious food, suddenly everything changed – new routine, new scents, new grooves, new laughing, new attitudes and especially, new food! In front of Winston lay an inedible, foul sprout garnished with unrecognisable leaf. “No way I’m eating whatever that green thing is. What is this?” he thought dejectedly as he attempted to scoff it down.

It was weird. It was the weirdest. It was so very weird. Weirder than he could ever imagine. His temper lit up like a fiery hot soup spitting bubbles over the stove. Winston snapped and yapped at the disgusting, horrid food. He stared at her place the leaf again, making him think he was less important.

However, things were about to change. Voices boomed. Insults flew. Tempers were lost. The house was down to two. Just Winston and his Dad.

Chewing and chomping, Winston felt pleased just like before. He thought everything was back to normal. Although… Dad seemed to be missing something … or someone. At that moment he noticed the breaking, dark fog coughing over his Dad, smothering him.

Winston’s loveable smile faded away as he stayed looking in his Dad’s eyes painfully while he stared at that peculiar leaf.

The thought hit him like Cupid’s arrow. He looked at the green leaf and knew what he would do. Dad was powerless to stop him as he shot through the open window like a silver bullet coming out the barrel of a revolver.

He zoomed down the road. Clattering through the door to the kitchen, he weaved and dodged pots and pans that crashed and bashed around him. Bursting onto the street café, Winston could smell the perfume. He was searching for his father’s soulmate.

Seconds later, his owner appeared in hot pursuit. It was Dad, who looked hungover and embarrassed by his dishevelled appearance. They turned towards each other and their eyes met. The gap seemed to close between them. The rift shattered and they were one. The silence whispered, “It’s meant to be.”

Precisely one year later, they were married. Wedding bells rang out in the restaurant’s garden. The wedding was a collection of magical moments: beautiful guests, fancy clothes, tender food, a stylish bride, romantic music and a day to remember.

Time would fly by as a married couple; a happy and joyous time where even Winston got used to his healthy dog food, topped with the peculiar green leaves.

One particular day a massive, meteoric, meaty meatball splattered over the wooden floor and slithered into Winston’s mouth. Curious, he licked and followed the trail of red tomato sauce. A small, kind hand appeared, reminding him of the hand that had saved him many, many years before. But this one didn’t quite look the same. It was attached to him, but just smaller. It was his BABY!!!

What followed was a never-ending feast. A feast of donuts. A feast of cupcakes. A feast of sushi. A feast of hugs. A feast of friendship. A feast of joy. And finally, a feast to remember. Hillside

Patrick – Year 5

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