Dural Country Club Bowls

Dural Country Club Bowl

Phillip Ascot nears a Half Century of Bowling At the recent AGM of the Dural Country Club Bowling Club Life Membership was awarded to the Club’s longest-serving member, Phillip Ascot. Phillip, a Dural resident, joined the Club in 1974 when it was a small club of around 25 members, mainly from farming families like Phillip’s. […]

Women’s Shed

womens shed

The August womens shed was well attended by local ladies. The project was an Australian animal painting inspired by aboriginal decorative painting techniques. The women’s shed project and morning tea are held monthly in Arcadia. Message Suzanne on 0419 603 122 or The Shed Studio on facebook for if you are interested in attending these […]

Motorized Mobility: Is It For Me?


There are many of us who are not able to enjoy this beautiful season out and about simply because our body is not able to cope up with our mind and heart. There is no reason to feel disappointed. One could enjoy same or better mobility by equipping oneself with a mobility scooter or a […]

Interest Rates, How High Will They Go?

Interest rates

Interest rates… Potentially one of the greatest influencers on property prices, how high could they go? We have commented in earlier publications of the impact that inflation has on interest rates and how the ReserveBank uses rates to influence inflation. As anticipated, we saw another rate rise of 0.50% in July taking the cash rate […]