Dural Country Club Bowls

Phillip Ascot nears a Half Century of Bowling
At the recent AGM of the Dural Country Club Bowling Club Life Membership was awarded to the Club’s longest-serving member, Phillip Ascot. Phillip, a Dural resident, joined the Club in 1974 when it was a small club of around 25 members, mainly from farming families like Phillip’s.

His connection to the Club goes back 48 years, through his mother’s family, the Roughleys, who received the land grant where the Dural Country Club is situated. Although ill health and work commitments have prevented Phillip from playing bowls in recent years, he has continued to support the Club by maintaining his membership and attending all AGM’s.

Well done Doug!
The final of the Men’s Major Singles was played on July 16th resulting in a new champion, Doug Farlow, who defeated Ray Vindin 31-5. However, the score didn’t reflect the game.

Ray was behind most of the time but never gave up and forced Doug to use all his skill to overcome him. Ray played some brilliant bowls at times but Doug had a knack of just squeezing past Ray’s bowls to take the shot.

Perfect Pairing!
The final of the Men’s Drawn Pairs was played on August 3rd and well done to the team of Doug Farlow and Paul Van Tilburg who were too strong for Nick Sheerin and Michael Kennedy, running out winners 18-9. If anyone would like to try bowls or have a Barefoot Bowls party, contact Robert on 0411 375 580

Dural Country Club Bowl