Both the men’s and women’s clubs are running down towards the end of the calendar year. Both clubs are enjoying an influx of new members which makes for some interesting games. On the competition front the final ladies event, the Ladies’ Drawn Fours will be played while the Men’s Drawn Triples and Drawn Pairs were […]

Geelands Road Dumper Pleads Not Guilty

Paul Mouawad, the owner of Aussie Earthovers, attended the Land and Environment Court on Friday 23rd November. The charges were bought by the NSW EPA following the dumping of asbestos contaminated fill at 22 Geelans Road, Arcadia. He pleaded not guilty to most charges. In March the EPA took soil samples at 22 Geelans Rd, […]

Galston Girl Guides

Galston Guides consists of two units – Junior Guides (aged 6-9) and Guides (aged 10-14). Both units welcome new members and offer a range of activities throughout the term, including games nights, badge work, outdoors activities, campfire cooking and playing with friends. This year the girls have also been camping, ten pin bowling, rock climbing […]

Salvation Army

Known throughout the world for its tireless and compassionate care of peoples in need, the Salvation Army reaches out to help everyone in the community who is going through a tough time. Regardless of creed, race, age or social background, every plea for assistance is met with a caring, nonjudgemental approach of guidance and support. […]

Locally grown nationally accredited

PATHWAYS PSYCHOLOGY INSTITUTE is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary this year. Having recently become a Registered Training Organization (RTO) endorsed by ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority), with a brand new Diploma of Counselling CHC51015. Yelena Udy is a long time Galston resident, CEO and Head of Training. She explained that although the ASQA audit process has […]

EASTBEND Report following 2018 AGM

At the Eastbend Rural Communications AGM on 12th November 2018 the following new Committee was elected: President: RAY WHITEMAN Vice President: VICKI BROWNLESS Public Officer: RAY WHITEMAN Secretary: VICKI BROWNLESS Assistant Secretary: LIZ WILKINSON Treasurer: CAROLE SWEENY Publicity Officer: TESSA CORKILL Ordinary Committee members: PAT SCHWARTZ, BEV TOLLMAN, SHEILA TROTMAN During 2018 Living Heritage continued […]

THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT… Managing App Subscriptions

Have you ever found, that you have taken out a Subscription on an App, or even signed up for an App Trial, and then before you know it you have paid for another year, or started paying after the trial when you really meant to cancel? Here are some tips on how to manage Subscriptions. […]

Galston Swim Clubs Receives a Massive Boost

The Long Course summer season has arrived, and club memberships are now open. This is a great time to join as you get the full 12 months to enjoy the benefits of membership. Show me another sport that does that!!! We are incredibly grateful and thankful to welcome our new Gold Sponsor on board. Dural […]


Aussie Pumps has launched a new ‘Long Ranger’ version of their popular Aussie Mr T twin impeller fire pump. The new pump runs for extended periods, a real safety bonus during a bushfire emergency. The high performance fire pump features a 16 litre long range fuel tank that neatly fits within a steel roll frame. […]