THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT… Managing App Subscriptions

Have you ever found, that you have taken out a Subscription on an App, or even signed up for an App Trial, and then before you know it you have paid for another year, or started paying after the trial when you really meant to cancel? Here are some tips on how to manage Subscriptions.

App Trials

This is a great way to find out whether you like an App. Feel free to sign up for the App, remembering that they will often start charging you after the Trial period has finished. A good suggestion is, once you take out a Trial you then go to Subscriptions and cancel the Subscription. You will still be able to use the App whilst the Trial period is running but will not then be charged. If you decide to go ahead with the App, sign up again and although you will not be able to do the Trial again, you can then start paying and continuing to enjoy the App.


So you have paid for a Subscription for an App for a year and are concerned that you will be charged again without having made a decision as to whether you want it again for another year. Just like the Trial. go into Subscription settings and cancel the Subscription. You will still be eligible to use the App until the paid period has finished.

How to control Subscriptions

On an Apple Device go to Settings>iTunes & App Stores>Apple ID>View Apple ID>Subscriptions

Not really easy to find but when you do you will see all the Apps that you have subscribed to. You can then manage them.

On Google Play go to the menu bar in the top left hand corner then tap on

Subscriptions. Like the App Store, you will see a list of Apps that you have subscribed to and you are now able to manage them.

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