Wildlife A.R.C Society Inc-Masked Lapwing season

Masked Lapwing (commonly referred to as Plovers) season is in full swing and it has come to our attention that we need to remind everyone of a few things.
  • We do NOT remove or relocate ‘plover’ eggs. (This also applies to you)  Masked Lapwing 
  • We do not have methods for “making them go away” or “moving them out of my yard”Masked Lapwing 
  • They are not “just a plover”. They are an Australian native that deserves the same protection and RESPECT every other Australian animal does.
  • You do not under any circumstances forcibly hatch and/or damage the eggs.
  • ‘Plovers’ spurs are not poisonous and typically cannot hurt you. Masked Lapwing 

‘Plovers’ have been known to use these spurs as defence on predatory animals trying to interfere with the ‘nest’. It is a very last resort for these guys to make physical contact while swooping and defending, this applies with other animals or humans.

‘Plovers’ do what every parent does, they protect their offspring. They protect them from harm. They give them every chance they possibly can to be okay.

They only have a voice and a swoop during incubation to try and ensure their young are safe and hatch.

Incubation lasts between 28-30 days. This is the period ‘Plovers’ are most protective. Be patient.

The more suburbia gets built up and habitat gets taken away, the closer we get to these animals that are just trying to do what you are in this world. Survive.

We live in their homes, not the other way around and this expands well beyond ‘Plovers’. Something we all need to remember and be respectful to.