Planting a Safe Haven for Small Birds

Around 10,000 plant and animal species are disappearing around the world each year. Insect biomass in Germany has declined 76% since 1989. Farmland birds in Britain are down 58% since 1970. In Sydney small birds have reduced due to habitat loss and predators like cats and competition from larger birds.

Can we do something to help the small birds? Yes, by planting an area carefully with native species that will feed, protect and permit nests. The area can be as big as your land can manage, and can be any shape along a fence or in a corner. For example, a circle of 7m diameter can be planted as follows with 100 plants in this order.

In the centre: tall soft shrubs 1-2 metres high for a safe haven from bigger birds; such as Grevillea, Ozthalmus, Leptospermum

Then a protective circle: 1-2 metre high spiky plants planted closely; such as Hakea,

Acacia ulicifolia, Banksia, Lambertia. Then some diverse small shrubs to attract creatures with food and shelter; such as Dianella, Indigofera, Prostanthera

Finally, on the outside: mixed native grasses and ground covers offering seeds and insects as food; such as Microlaena, Entolasia, Pratia, native violet

These can be located under trees or with more room, trees can be planted. On the ground put dead logs, rocks, pipes etc as homes for insects, reptiles and others.

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