Chanticleer Gardens

When Grada and Peter bought their property ‘Chanticleer Gardens’, they already had a desire to create a special garden. The couple, both widowers, had met and married in 2002. Grada came from a working rose farm, with a one acre cold climate garden and Peter came from suburbia. This was their compromise and dream to continue living the rural lifestyle.

As one approaches the property from the street, the plaque on the entry stone walls introduces you to the garden. At first glance the rooster which is standing on a sandstone wall underneath an avenue of trees is just a fancy sign, until you realise it’s a play on words. The trees are ‘Chanticleer Pears (pyrus Chanticleer) lining the formal courtyard, the rooster is ‘Chanticleer ‘ from Chaucer’s play and the property is found on Henstock Rd.

‘Chanticleer’ also means to shout and declare and Peter and Grada particularly enjoy praying with people who have health issues for healing as their faith is in Jesus as the healer.

As you enter the property and walk along the avenue of planes trees, past the Australian colonial home and through a small parterre garden, the rear of the garden unfolds before you with a vista of colour. At different times of the season people have commented that the garden is very similar to Monet’s Garden.

Chanticleer Gardens is delightful in any season but it peaks in spring and autumn with a colour palette of soft pinks, blues and mauves and a blaze of hot pinks reds, oranges and purples in late summer. Masses of perennials, dahlias, sedums and roses are planted within a formally structured garden with avenues of deciduous trees and buxus hedges.

By autumn the garden changes into hues of lemons, mustard yellows, oranges and crimson reds as the 100 or more deciduous trees change colour. What a delight as the perennials winter off and become carpeted with thousands of leaves covering the gardens and lawns.

Wintertime is another season that displays the architectural elements of the garden as winter roses and bulbs appear under the bare structures of the trees.

Chanticleer Gardens will open to the public this year over the long October weekend and the following consecutive weekend of the 12th &13th

Several artists will have their work on display as well as a metal sculptor and glass making demonstrations. A choice of cakes and coffee will be available.

Open labour weekend on October 5, 6, 7 and following weekend 12, 13. Pls visit www. for more info. 4 Henstock Rd, Arcadia, NSW 2159 Mobile 0433018806

Entry fee: $10, seniors $8 | Under 18 free. Coffee and cakes available