Hidden In The Hills – Grey Fantail

Grey Fantail

By Lachlan Turner Having a widespread distribution across most of Australia, the Grey Fantail is frequently observed feeding on flying insects, which it catches as it twists and turns in its agile aerial acrobatics, pursuing them from the edges of foliage trees at all levels above the ground. Its nest is built in a thin […]

Finding love in Spring


By Barry Lees It seems we have 2 new friends. They are the feathered kind – a pair of blue wrens, or to be more precise, Superb Fairy-wrens. They have been turning up for a few hours a day for several weeks now . love What intrigues us is their behaviour. They are like a […]

Wildlife A.R.C Society Inc-Masked Lapwing season

Masked Lapwing season

Masked Lapwing (commonly referred to as Plovers) season is in full swing and it has come to our attention that we need to remind everyone of a few things. We do NOT remove or relocate ‘plover’ eggs. (This also applies to you)  Masked Lapwing  We do not have methods for “making them go away” or […]

Rouse Hill RFS Wins Competition … What Motivates a RFS Volunteer

Rouse Hill

Congratulations to Rouse Hill Rural Fire Service on winning the Australian Pump Industries What Motivates an RFS Volunteer competition. As the winning prize, the brigade will receive an Aussie Fire Captain Plus high-pressure fire fighting pump, part of the Aussie Pumps Red Brigade produce line. The quality and number of responses were mind-blowing and the […]

Galston Rural Fire Brigade News-Bush Fire danger

Bush Fire

By Kara Dubois HAZARD REDUCTIONS With the official start to the Bush Fire Danger Period starting from the 1st of October, you may see continued Hazard Reductions (HR) taking place across Sydney when conditions allow. A hazard reduction may use a controlled burn as one way of preparing for future bush fires. Galston RFB is […]

A note from Captain Rod Derriman and Glenorie Rural Fire Brigade

pile burn Rural Fire Brigade

THANK YOU, BENDIGO BANK GALSTON When the then Glenorie Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade built its new home north of Les Shore Oval it was the pride of the District and its Members. The office was completely fitted out using secondhand offerings. After serving the Brigade well for nearly 25 years, an office upgrade became necessary […]