A note from Captain Rod Derriman and Glenorie Rural Fire Brigade


When the then Glenorie Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade built its new home north of Les Shore Oval it was the pride of the District and its Members. The office was completely fitted out using secondhand offerings.

After serving the Brigade well for nearly 25 years, an office upgrade became necessary to bring our technology and fixtures up to date, to serve our current and expected needs better.

A Community Grant from the Bendigo Bank Galston has made it possible for the Brigade to complete that update.

The Glenorie Rural Fire Brigade and its Members would like to acknowledge and thank the Bendigo Bank Galston and its exceptional staff for their generous support and assistance.

Gratitude is a great thing to share, it never runs out or goes out of style. We would like to share our gratitude for the support of our community in all its shapes and forms. The thank you’s, the likes on our Facebook page, the monetary donations, the cases of water that get dropped off, it all makes a difference. Our community and surrounding are a generous lot. No one who achieves success does so without the help of others, and at Glenorie RFS we certainly acknowledge this.

Hazard reductions are planned to continue through to December as we endeavour to prepare for bushfire season. The actions taken now can have very positive effects to reduce the impact of bushfires later in the season when bushfire risks are greatly increased. These planned burns are an important part of ensuring people and homes are protected moving into this period of greater risk.

Just remember that October 1 marks the beginning of fire season, and you will need a permit to conduct pile burns after this time. The permit can be obtained from your council by going online. Please be sure you have received the permit before you continue.

You must also let the Rural Fire Service know about your burn. Of course, being 2021, there is a QR code for that. You can also notify the NSW RFS by visiting fire-permits/burn-notifications