Why choose a retirement village?

Enjoy the confidence that comes from belonging

A retirement village might not be for everyone; however, those who choose to make the move agree that they should have done it sooner.

For some, it is the opportunity to meet new people and find companionship, while for others, it’s about enjoying the freedom from maintaining a large house and garden. For Uniting resident Leoni, that was one of the appeals of making the move to a village.

“Having everything looked after frees up time to do the things you really want to do, and isn’t that what retirement is about,” said Leoni. Uniting retirement living resident Joan shared, “that’s what I like about it – I moved in, and everything is taken care of. I’ve got my independence, but I’m not living in some isolated house on my own, and I must say I’m surrounded by very nice people.”

The best way to decide if a move to a village is right for you is to book a tour of a village and chat with some of the residents about their experience.

To explore a Uniting retirement village near you, call the friendly team at Uniting on 1800 864 846 or visit uniting.org/villages

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