Beard Place-My Street

By Katy Joscelyne
I was fortunate in being able to catch up with Noel Beard to gain some local history on the cul de sac called Beard Place. This small stretch of bitumen was named after Noel’s dad, Jim Beard, who owned 38 acres in this area back in the 1940s.

It runs off Venetta Road, Glenorie, named in honour of Jim’s wife.

Jim and Venetta raised seven children, all of whom attended Glenorie Primary school. They worked hard on their acres, most of which were planted out with citrus trees, the main varieties being oranges and lemons. Also, part of the acreage was used for commercial vegetable growing, including cabbages, tomatoes, and beans, sent into the local market.

Noel remembers the three draught horses that his dad drove to till the soil and the foxhounds that accompanied him on weekends down into the gullies to flush out marauding foxes.

He thinks the subdivision of his parents’ acreage was done sometime in the 1960s when Venetta Road and Beard Place came into being.

I moved into Beard Place in 1986, and since then, I have seen three generations of children grow up riding bikes and scooters and billy carts in the safety of the cul de sac, attending the local school, and moving out to pursue their own dreams.

We have had a huge range of occupations represented here: managerial, broadcasting, building, real estate, nursing, sales, teaching, law, counselling, veterinary, and an international long haul pilot.

I’ve known a range of dogs happy to be let loose on acreage, from Purebreds appropriately named Rolex, Zeus and Perseus to dogs of unknown heritage bearing medals identifying them as Maggie, Petal, Cheeky, Tuppence and Hoozer. (I was intrigued by this last name until the owner explained that it was short for “Who’s a good boy”!)

Our most famous visitor was a peacock who stayed with many of the families in the street and was the guest of honour at one of our Christmas Street get-togethers. He lived a long and happy life with us and finally died of old age.

I originally chose our home in Beard Place because of its safety for a young family.

Over the years, many new families have come and gone. I have always given a warm welcome to each newcomer and appreciated the reciprocal friendship. We look out for each other, and our annual get-together is always full of laughter, hugs and camaraderie.

It’s thanks to the subdivision of the acres belonging to Jim Beard and his wife, Venetta, that our small cul de sac came into being and has brought so many families together.

If you would like to share your street story please email me, [email protected]

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