Keep occupied…

What are the best ways to keep occupied?.

As we age and we are less able to contribute to our communities and with the colder weather, it is easy to feel despondent. As well, we are still feeling the effects of the social isolation due to Covid-19 that everyone found so hard to endure.

James, a customer of Just Better Care Hills District told us recently that despite having chronic pain, he is able to keep on top of things by staying occupied.

Whilst his body may have other ideas, he says that his brain is that of a forty year old! James has support at home to take care of the domestic tasks, and to help with shopping and cooking.

He is able to work part time from home, sitting comfortably in a sunny corner of his lounge and believes that keeping his mind occupied is the best therapy for his mental health. He gave us the following advice:

‘Winter is a great time, when we are indoors more, to learn a new skill, take up a hobby, broaden our horizons by watching classic movies, reading, playing board games with friends, learn new computer skills, have some ‘me-time’, challenging ourselves with new recipes, plan a holiday, learn to knit…. the possibilities are endless!

It is also a great time to get to know our neighbours. Try swapping recipes, chat about a book that you have read or swap seedlings for your garden.’

If you need help to live independently at home, contact Just Better Care Hills to Hornsby on 9484 8788.

Sue is a Registered Nurse, and a Director of Just Better Care Hills to Hornsby

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