As an Elite Dolphin dealer, Dural Poolsmart, offers a wide range of robotic Dolphin cleaner, which are the best on the market. Ranging from the leading edge M600 to the more entry level, there is a Dolphin solution for every pool.

Opposite to common belief, Dolphin cleaners do not need to consume a high amount of voltage. At a range of around 60-70watts/hour, Dolphin cleaners consume only as much energy as a regular light bulb. As a result of saving energy, saving cash is also an associated benefit, not to mention reduced run times on equipment.

Dolphin pool cleaners use advanced brushing technology that scrubs all sides and even the steps of your pool. They clean away pool pollutants such as dust, algae, and bacteria. Because of this, there is no need to use high amounts of chemicals to clean the water to get rid of the nasty dirt. With the help of a Dolphin cleaner, you can now lessen the use of chemicals, which may be hazardous to users.

Dolphin cleaners also run in a planned path that ensures maximum coverage of your pool surface, unlike traditional suction or pressure cleaners which are randomly moving around as they please.

Backwashing/cleaning the filter is the process of flushing the water back through the filter. This procedure is removing the trapped dirt. The more the filtration system gets clogged up, the more backwashing/cleaning is needed. This process wastes a large amount of water every time. With a Robotic Pool Cleaner, it removes dirt from the circulation pump. This helps prevent the primary filter from getting clogged up. The result is less backwashing and less water wasted.

Dolphin is a dedicated Robotic cleaner company and specializes in making the best cleaners on the market from the materials they are made from, to the programming they run to direct the Dolphin cleaners functions.

Come see us in-store, ask about out range and mention this ad and we will give you a FREE 1 year extended warranty to you new Dolphin robotic cleaner.

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