My Street – Miller Road

Wallabies, echidnas, wombats, lacemonitors, pythons and even herds of deer can all be found in Miller Road, Glenorie.

We have lived at Miller Road for 15 years now, and every year our beautiful street welcomes new wildlife and native birds to our property. Our home is tucked away at the end of a long road that has dense Australian bushland on each side, creating a quiet oasis for our family and friendly neighbours. In the evening as the sun sets behind the mountains, you will see people strolling the street with their dogs and the occasional horse and rider trotting along.

Moving here from Castle Hill was one of the best decisions we ever made. The remoteness that this street offers was so appealing to us after the busyness of the suburban area we moved from. Visitors often felt apprehensive driving to our home in the early years as the end of our street was off the grid in the navigation department.

It was not uncommon to receive a phone call from friends visiting for the first time halfway down the road wondering if they were on their way to Wolf Creek!

At first, our children felt isolated from their friends in the suburbs and were not accustomed to the distance required to go to school and social events. As they grew older, they have grown to value the lifestyle that living on acreage provides and all their friends love coming to visit from all over.

Being an avid gardener, living on rural acreage has felt like living in paradise. We have room for a couple of dams, a large vegetable garden, chickens, a citrus orchard and many other varieties of fruit trees. Sinking a bore when we moved here was so beneficial for keeping the gardens alive during the harsh dry summers in Glenorie. Whenever it rains in Glenorie it always seems to miss us!

From the moment we moved in, we were made very welcome by the other residents in the street. We are very fortunate to have great neighbours all around us and everybody is willing to lend a helping hand when needed.

Glenorie is such a great area to live for so many reasons, but living in Miller Road has revealed a truly unique and amazing rural lifestyle that we are so thankful for!
contributed by Ruth