4 great ways to capture the magic of your property!

As we’ve seen in Victoria over the past 4 months, the housing market never stops, even under challenging conditions. While 2020 has undoubtedly created a turbulent climate for buyers and sellers alike, with a little creativity and a solid understanding of buyer needs it is possible to sell your home under any circumstance.

Just ask David Wood of Belle Property Albert Park, the selling agent behind The Block contestants Daniel and Jade’s Brighton, Victoria home this season.

“Just like in a regular home inspection, one of the most important considerations in a virtual sales campaign is complementing emotion with practicality. Structural, technical, and functional considerations like surface finishes or heating and cooling systems are how a buyer can ‘move themselves in’ but the emotional resonance that comes from the character of the home and the appeal of the surrounding area is typically what makes the buyer want to live there in the first place” says David.

Here are some of the key selling points you can use to sell homes outside of the physical inspection:

Listing Video
A great listing video should capture the attention of the viewer straight away, delivering a powerful, emotional cue while also showcasing the character of the home:

• Whet the appetite of potential buyers and make them want to walk through the door

• Establish an emotional connection – something that makes the buyers want to live in the home you’re presenting

• Capture attention for your listings and stand out amongst the competition

South Australian couple Daniel and Jade’s listing video exemplified this, drawing on local shots and aerial views of the leafy suburb to capture the tone of the area, a strong emotional message about the centrality of family to the design, and a montage of room shots that backed up this family friendly message.

A solid floorplan is the key to unlocking the potential of a home to prospective buyers. Dimensions, door arcs, installed appliances and even minor details like light fittings or power-points are vital inclusions that allow buyers to plan their own lives within the home.

Interactive layouts
Belle Property extensively use floorplans as the foundation for novel listing features that bring life to a home. This includes the ‘Furnishing’ platform through partner, Diakrit, which allows viewers to select and place items of furniture – to scale – across the floorplan to give a sense of how their own furniture could fit within the space. Additionally, Belle Property offers a 3D render of the floorplan which can further elevate the perception of the home and give it a sense of scale and texture.

Panoramic Shots
Through advances in VR and mobile technology, sellers can recreate their home through 360o VR tours of their home through panoramic photography. Much like the street view function of Google Maps, this allows viewers to navigate themselves through rooms and inspect every corner of a property from the comfort of their own home.

More advice and tips on getting ready to sell, reach out to our local Belle Property expert Carolyn Wheatley to discuss your property needs – 0407 120 483 / [email protected]

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