The Wonders of the Natural World

Twelve months ago, my gorgeous grandson Danaha was born at our property in Glenorie. For nine months we saw him everyday watching him grow and develop into an adorable little one. Despite lockdown, it was a busy time having my daughter, her husband and 3 children under 5 living with us.

It was indeed a time that was precious and rare. In October, after 20 months in Australia because of Covid, they travelled back to Kenya. Miranda, my daughter, was offered a job as the Head of Multimedia for the UN Environment, such an incredible role that she couldn’t pass up. After many months of trying to outrun and avoid Covid, they returned to Kenya and accepted the consequences.

They all caught Covid soon after, but being vaccinated here in Australia was a help to Miranda and Sam. This image is of Danaha on his 1st birthday adventure.

The wonders of the natural world are at their feet, and while I miss them, I know that what my 3 grandsons are encountering are invaluable and enriching experiences.