Essential Home Care Equipment

Our seniors are one of the most vulnerable groups facing this current Covid-19 challenge. It’s only natural that families embrace the responsibility of looking after their loved ones in the comfort of their own homes during this time. Home Care

A bit of planning and preparation in addition to good intention will make the task manageable. Let’s look at some bare essential equipment for the purpose.

A lot will depend on the level of Home Care required for your loved one. An Occupational Therapist, an Assistive Technology Specialist or someone responsible at a discharge hospital will provide suitable advice.

Please ensure the access to the home, within the home, especially to kitchen and bathroom are free of any impediment and with adequate lighting. Create clear, uncluttered pathways, by removing loose throw rugs, electric cords and unwanted furniture.

A shower chair/stool, shower mat, an over the toilet aid, grab rails or in a complex situation, a shower commode is essential. You may consider an electric bed and a suitable mattress. A height-adjustable day chair or an electric rise recliner is recommended.

A walking aid or a trolley walker and a tilting over bed/chair table on castors will be helpful. Other solutions to give some thought are Raizer (to lift a person off the floor after a fall that requires no medical attention), a walking belt, a hoist with a sling, a powered wheelchair or a mobility scooter, a personal alarm system and aids to manage incontinence.

Look for safety and convenience around Kitchen, bathroom and bed room not only for the one in your Home Care but also for the carer. If you find any of these terms unfamiliar do a google search or call your local assistive technology specialist at for any questions.

comfort Rise Recliner