The Hills Grammar Learning Lounge is again looking forward to the extensive catalogue of specialists who will be presenting throughout the year. The Learning Lounge provides a central point where members of the School and local community are welcomed and can meet to talk, learn and experience the joy of “belonging”. It’s all about Collaboration, Collegiality and Connection!

This year the Lounge is hosting four dynamic and eclectic community learning programs for both staff and parents within our School, as well as exciting programs for Hills Region parents and teachers.

The School is dedicated to providing an extraordinary education through the various learning environments that are available for both students and the community. As such they have been recognised as a leader in learning in the education sector – having attained the highest level of NESA Endorsement as a Professional Development Provider in NSW.

Director of Professional Learning, Dr Christine Furner states that “It is well documented that effective teacher learning leads to an increase in student academic outcomes, resilience and wellbeing.”

Hills Grammar continues to promote their outstanding teaching as a daily reality and credits this to the teachers who are supported by the Staff Learning Lounge Program. The fundamentals of the program are designed to inspire and enrich teaching practice and expertise.

Now opening its campus to external teachers in the community for the Hills Region Teacher Learning Lounge Program. The program will see a number of great NESA Registered courses on teacher wellbeing, pedagogy and practice, leadership and career development.

Meanwhile, the Hills Region Learning Lounge Program is offering a wide variety of courses and sessions for all parents in the local community.

The program includes forums, book clubs and guest speakers on topics like time management and personal growth as well as how to nurture children and young people. Highlights also include fantastic speakers like Dr Kristy Goodwin presenting on parenting in the digital age and Kathryn Taylor on coaching your teens!