Still Creek Landcare

How healthy is your creek water?
Want your creek water tested?

Still Creek Landcare group checks the quality of the water in our local waterways. We do a variety of physical, chemical and biological testing every month in three creek places. This is part of the Streamwatch program, involving a couple of hundred people at 50 sites across the Sydney area. It has been going for 28 years and we have been doing it here for almost 10 years. You can see how our local water quality has been going on our website:


Come and visit us at our stall at the Arcadia Markets on Saturday 17 November and you can see what we do and how we do it. Bring some of your creek water with you and we can do some tests on the spot for you.

Streamwatch volunteer citizen scientists have been successful in detecting pollution early in Thornleigh, helping biosecurity by detecting the first European black slug in NSW and by providing environmental planning data over decades.

Streamwatch has been funded by Sydney Water and run by the Australian Museum, but the Museum will stop managing it after June 2019 and there is some doubt about funding. All councillors in Hornsby Council have agreed to write to the NSW Government and we have spoken to Hornsby MP Matt Kean to get his help in continueing this work.

Should you wish to put in a plug for Streamwatch, just email the Premier at: