Glenorie Community Church

You’ve heard it said that if you want something done, ask a busy person. At the end of a full day, that busy person might say- ‘I’ve been busier than a thousand bees!’ Out of interest, I read a couple of articles about the honey bee hive. The bees must be hard workers- after all, the phrase ‘busy as a bee’ has to come from somewhere!

“Like many natural phenomena a hive of honey bees is incredibly complex…within the colony, worker bees have plenty to keep themselves occupied. Jobs include cleaning the nest, building comb, nursing bee larvae, heating and cooling the nest, caring for the queen, guarding against intruders, handling and storing food and foraging for food and water.” (Keri Collins Lewis)

How busy are bees- really??

“They’re pretty industrious, but not as busy as some other animals. A honeybee might work anywhere from just a few hours a day to about twelve depending on its role in the beehive. Worker bees tasked with daily foraging of nectar or pollen generally spend every hour of daylight outside, but as soon as it gets dark, they head back to the nest and relax. They also take frequent breaks. Queens are also busy, laying more than 1 000 eggs each day. Drones by contrast are quite lazy. They don’t leave the hive till early afternoon, carousing around in packs and when they get home, just a few hours later, they rely on the worker bees to feed them!” (Forrest Wickham, researcher.)

On our church noticeboard this month, the words “Be still and know that I am God” come from Psalm 46:10 in the Bible. Almighty God is exhorting us to choose to have balance in our lives like the honey bee does – He created them.

So, if you find yourself ‘as busy as a bee’, when life gets overwhelming and busyness takes precedence, remember that there IS a God of the Bible who is not too busy for you!

Verse 1 in the same Psalm says, “God is our refuge and strength; an ever present help in trouble.”

1. Acknowledge that He IS God; that He is exalted in the earth.

2. Reach out to Him; ask for His help in the Name of His Son Jesus Christ.

3. Then: Be still and know that I AM God. Be still and know that I AM. Be still and know. Be still. Be.

God bless,
Pr. Alex and Dee Valich