Have weeds you want to get rid of?
Want to know your weeds and how best to destroy them?
Want to know which weeds are the biggest worry?
Want to know the best natives to plant at your place to replace weeds?

Your local landcare group has been running working bees at our properties for some years now. This is usually to remove weeds or plant natives where the weeds have been removed.

Now we invite residents to join us on these working bees. It happens once a month on a Saturday or Sunday morning for 2 hours.

We have been inactive during the COVID-19 lockdown but as the restrictions ease we will be restarting shortly. We will follow all the rules and protocols required to keep us safe.

This is how it works.
– Each month we work on someone’s property
– We do this for a couple of hours
– Then finish with morning tea
– When we have done everyone’s property, we start the cycle again

Would you like to join us? Feel welcome and contact us via:
Phone: Nick 9653 2056 Website:
Email: [email protected]

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