Road Ready

By Cassandra Beardall - Pacific Hills Christian School

Thanks to Galmatic our Year 10s are road ready, having learned important aspects of car up-keep and maintenance.

The students were immersed in practical skills during an interactive hands-on workshop. They learnt the correct way to jack the car and change the tyres, went under the bonnet and checked the oil, coolant and battery, and changed the fluids. Students were also taught about defensive driving and how to correctly sit as a passenger to minimise injury if an accident were to occur.

This is the perfect age to educate our students as many will pass their Learners test during Year 10 or 11.

Galmatic has 13 years’ experience in teaching car maintenance to over 100,000 teenagers a year and have identified that most teenagers have not been shown basic car know-how. The High School Car Maintenance Life Skills Program fills this gap.

The workshop is designed around the ‘10-minute servo check’ which is a monthly car check to ensure their car is running at its best, doesn’t break down and keeps them driving safely.

  • Skills covered included:
    Under the Bonnet
    • What, when and how to check the engine to keep it running smoothly and safely
    • What they can and can’t touch in the engine bay
    • Checking the oil, coolant, fluids, battery and hoses
    Tyre Care
    • How to care for tyres and check the pressure
    • Changing a tyre

Galmatic is breaking down stereotypes as female mechanics and they placed importance on calling on our Year 10 girls to change the tyre or oil. This helped them to feel equipped for any situation that may occur.

Galmatic removed the fear of “Can I touch that?” and created a safe and fun environment where no question was too silly to ask. Armed with some easy and basic life skills, the Year 10’s are on their journey to become safer drivers, as well as being informed and empowered road users who can help towards achieving the nation’s goal of a zero-road toll.