Year 6 Colo River Camp Challenges and Inspires Students

Last term, Northholm Grammar Year 6 students participated in the Colo River Camp Outdoor Education Experience, providing them with invaluable learning opportunities and lasting memories. Students embraced a range of activities and challenges including high ropes, meal preparation, Base Seven stealth activity, archery, donutting in a tyre tube and kayaking down the Colo River. Our students participated with great gusto and enthusiasm, working together to support each other, developing teamwork skills, communication skills, building confidence, grit and resilience.

While camps provide a fun and exciting new experience for our students, the benefits are far-reaching and connect with Northholm’s character education offerings. Learning in the outdoors provides opportunities to develop independence and confidence, reinforce positive relationships with others and enhance an understanding of one’s strengths.

Students praised their experiences:
“The Colo River Camp was incredibly rewarding and fun. The food was good, the activities were amazing and they never let us get bored. The tents were pretty soggy, but that’s just what camping is. I have learnt to become braver and do harder things like going on a really high zipline and into a really tight tunnel. When I camp from now on, I will be more confident to do more things.” Charlie Johnson

“The camp was a blast… I think this will change me in the future about trusting people better and knowing that other people are there to support me and care about me. I know I will have another great time on our next Year 6 camp to Canberra later this year.” Claudia Davis

“My favourite activity at camp was Base Seven, I liked it because I was in a group with my friends and it was really fun. The Year 6 Colo River Camp has made me feel so lucky to have shelter, my own comfy bed and great food. I definitely would do this camp again and it has been my favourite one so far.”
Tiana Attia