Remote baking by Middle Dural Scouts

Adrian is showing off his baking skills

By Ian McArthur

The Venturers continued with their innovative use of Zoom by holding a baking class supervised by head chef Tegan Edwards.

Ingredients for brownies were sent out earlier and Tegan took them through the process very successfully as shown by Adrian Zhuang’s result.

Not to be outdone, the First DuralCubs used the Teams program to conduct a Father’s Day Cake in a Mug night. Recipes were sent out for either a vanilla, chocolate or lemon cake and the cubs and fathers were taken through the process up to microwaving by LeaderPhirooza. During the preparation, cubs also talked about safety in the kitchen and the importance of a well-balanced diet.

Apart from cooking our cubs also showed versatility with an Olympic themed night. They Cubsplanned the program the week prior, with some great ideas like Passing the Torch for the Opening, Olympic Rings, Oreo Challenge, Origami paper boat and much more, they sang the National Anthem, waved the Flag, and finished with an interesting twist for RhythmicGymnastics by dancing to the SongMacarena. Well done, Cubs!

Mei roaming the world despite lockdown
Head Chef Tegan









On a different subject, our Roverscombined with Venturers for a games night. In organiser Mei Meyers’ words: “Geo guessr is so fun. The game drops you off in a random city and you race against time (and friends) to guess your location! Along the way, we ended up finding my car in New Zealand, NorthAmerica and Europe!”

If your children are interested in joining First Dural at any level, please contact Warwick Mills on 0417 689 571 [email protected].