Are you Spring Cleaning?

If you are, and you have found the extra fabric in your cupboards, the Castle Hill Days for Girls Team can use it.

The work by the team to make and supply Sustainable Feminine Hygiene Kits to girls to help keep them at school is totally voluntary and all materials are either donated or bought from financial donations. All the kits are given away for free so the team rely heavily on donations of money and materials.

The items in each Hygiene Kit are designed to support school girls through each monthly period so they can continue to attend school.

The items are:
Shields, made of 100% cotton and waterproof lining
Liners, made of flannelette (for easy washing and drying)
Carry pouches, made of waterproof fabric
Drawstring bag, made of Cotton or polycotton.

As well other hygiene products such as soap, washers and underwear are included. You can view the hygiene Kits at: Days for Girls Australia.

At present, the team is not able to get the financial support it usually does from very generous donors.

If you can help us with items from your spring cleaning we would be very grateful.
• 100% Cotton fabric
• Polycotton fabric
• Flannelette fabric

There are a few requirements:
• The fabric should be:
– dark, no white or light colours
– floral or geometric patterns, no people or animals

Please contact Cheryl on 0433 445 339 to arrange delivery or pick up. Please Like our Facebook page on Hill Days For Girls