Alumni Encourage Science Students

Three former students of Pacific Hills Christian School have made a special appearance at the latest Science Breakfast to talk about their science-based careers and encourage current students to study hard and investigate the many career paths that are available.

Katie is a speech pathologist who works with people from early childhood to the elderly. She studied Chemistry at Pacific Hills then undertook a degree in Psychology and Linguistics.

Pacific Hills Christian School

“When I am doing my job I am very much using science every day. I’m using the biology, the chemistry and neurochemistry, and the statistics I learned. I get to go to work each day and I use the skills God has given me and I have been trained in, to help people which is very rewarding.”

Matt is in his final year of studying Optometry. He works in the university clinic conducting eye tests and is also involved in a Masters research project looking into bacteria in the eyelids which involves clinical trials in a microbiology laboratory. His fascination with optometry began in a Biology class studying the eyeball.

“There is so much science around us and so much research behind everything we do these days. Find something that you enjoy while you are studying.”

Bella studied Physics, Biology and Chemistry at Pacific Hills and this led to a degree in medical science majoring in molecular biology. She did an Honours degree in immunology and immunodeficiency lab at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research and is now working in an environmental laboratory while she prepares to sit the entry exam to post-graduate medicine. The inspiration for Bella was a Science lesson about mitosis.

“I remember learning about cell division and how they replicate and that was the first time that it clicked for me that there was something happening at a cellular level. I use HSC science every day. I want to use my education to contribute in some way.”

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