Pacific Hills Christian School

In our Junior School, at Pacific Hills Christian School we have a remarkable group of students with hearts full of compassion and kindness and a desire to make a difference as God’s beacon of hope in the world. They are our Junior School World Changers.

Our school’s vision is to be a Christian Education community of teaching, learning and serving. Our Junior School World Changers embody the spirit of service, seeking to positively impact others.

They see the world through the eyes of compassion and understand they have a role to play when it comes to helping others. Their actions are simple, but their impact is profound.

Recently several residents from a local aged care residential facility visited Pacific Hills Christian School. Our Junior School World Changers spent time serving and engaging them, bringing joy to their day.

junior schoolUpon arrival at our school the aged care residents were warmly greeted by our Junior School World Changers with a big smile and a friendly handshake. Our students served our visitors tea, coffee, scones, jam, and cream.

They read stories aloud to the residents. The elderly residents cherished the opportunity for our students to read books with them. Students also spent time chatting with the residents. As they exchanged their stories, our students formed bonds which transcended age. Kindness became the common ground for young and old.

Through their small hands and big hearts, our World Changers are having a significant influence on people in need of support. They inspire us not only to serve others with passion and dedication but to be the change that brings hope.

These young students teach us that kindness, care and help are not limited to grand gestures but arise from changing the world one step at a time through acts of service.