New Leadership at Northholm

Not only does Northholm Grammar School have a new Principal from the start of 2019, but as of Monday 4 February, our new Year Eight Leaders were inducted at their Commissioning Service in front of their parents, teachers and peers.

Mr Chris Bradbury, Northholm’s Principal, addressed the audience and emphasised the importance of Leadership, which he said “essentially comes down to service. Service to others and for the greater good of the community”. Chris continued that “great leaders have a positive influence and impact on the people around them so it’s important to build skills in self-awareness (to lead yourself), communication (not only verbally but by listening), and finally learning agility (the desire and love of constant learning).

In accepting their Leadership badges, these students demonstrated their desire to step up to make a difference, their enthusiasm to contribute to the Northholm community and their willingness to do their best to support and encourage their peers to make the most of the opportunities on offer at Northholm.