It was wonderful to welcome back all our students, both new and old to school for what will be an exciting year.

Our PBEL (Positive Behaviour Engaging Learners) program underpins Hillside’s Student Welfare Program. Our Year 6 Leaders have been working with their Sports groups to teach and reinforce the expected behaviour in the classroom, in the playground and when on excursions. The students are thoroughly enjoying the interaction with their Year 6 Leaders and completing their PBEL Passports. At Hillside our students are Respectful, Responsible Learners.

All of our students participated with enthusiasm in the Small School Swimming Carnival at Galston Pool. We joined our friends from Annangrove and Middle Dural Schools on the day. At Hillside all students from Kindergarten to Year 6 participate in a variety of races on the day. It is always a lot of fun for our students.

With the weather becoming cooler the older students assisted the younger students to plant their germinated corn seedlings, lettuce and capsicums in our vegetable garden. It is always wonderful watching the interaction between the different age groups when participating in whole school activities. At recess and lunchtimes the younger students are enjoying learning how to play handball with the senior students. All of our students learn tolerance and understanding because of the uniqueness of a small school.

At Hillside all of our Year students take on the Leadership Role. They are responsible for the organising and running of School and Special Assemblies, welcoming and thanking of visitors, charity fundraising on top of being the Sports Leaders and the School Library monitors. Hillside students move on to high school being well prepared young leaders and confidently take on responsibilities there.

There are a number of definite advantages of a small school:

• Enhances teacher – student relationships

• Fosters student leadership through mentoring and learning

• Community nurturing atmosphere

• Provides outlet for all students to blossom

• More sporting opportunities

Don’t forget to vote at Hillside on Saturday 23rd March. Bacon and egg rolls, sausage sandwiches, cakes etc. will be available on the day. Support your local school.

Every day is Open Day at Hillside, so please pop in or call 9652 1459 to make an appointment to see our wonderful school. Small Schools are Great Schools!