Netball Alive & Well

Now is the time to start thinking about a winter sport for the kids. And what better sport to start than Netball? The Galston Netball Club has some very successful teams in the local Hills competition.

Over the years, most junior teams have players who have stayed together for many seasons. You can start as young as five years old, and Netball is a sport you can commence with little outlay. With the Government sports rebate, many parents take advantage of this initiative.

Netball is a great team sport. You will meet new friends and enjoy the friendly spirit the sport offers. No experience is necessary – Netball is easy to learn, and many of Galstons’ Netball coaches are Mums and Dads of the players.

Just ring the club Secretary Vanessa Colits on 0499 211 865 or email Secretary. [email protected]

Two local sisters who love their Galston Netball are Sian and June Dayes (pictured). Both have played since under-eights, and they continue to develop their skills and make many friends. Their dad, Michael Dayes has a competitive background in balance based sport, (snow skiing and waterskiing) and had this to say about netball, ’’one of the great aspects of Netball is that the players must develop their balance much more so than most other ball sports.

Balance is such a great foundation for all kinds of activity as the players get older and try new sports and activities with confidence’.