Toothaches are one of the most common oral problems people face. They can make life miserable for anyone. Numerous reasons can cause a severe toothache. Generally, it’s a decayed tooth or a dental cavity. But there are many more common causes that can lead to a severe toothache. Let’s take a look at few of them:

Decayed tooth
This is the most common cause of severe toothache. It’s been harassing humans for ages! During initial stages, decay shows no sign of pain or ache. But once the decay reaches “Dentin”, the inner layer of a tooth, it starts corroding it and creates a cavity. When the decay reaches the centre of a tooth, toothache becomes unbearable.

Severe pain can hamper your day to day activities. Hence, it’s essential that you visit a Dentist in your area as soon as possible to avoid any major issues.

Bleeding Gums
Periodontal diseases can result in inflamed gums leading to bleeding gums. Inflamed gums may cause pain due to gum bleeding. If you are suffering from gum bleeding, you need to visit a dentist as soon as possible. Any delay in treating bleeding gums can cause you more pain and might need surgery if left unattended.

If you feel severe pain in your tooth when you drink or eat something cold or hot, you are suffering from Dental Sensitivity. When your tooth’s enamel erodes due to any reason, sensory nerves inside your tooth are exposed. These exposed nerves result in insensitivity.

Chipped or fractured tooth
Any incident involving sports activities or accident can lead to a fractured tooth. You might feel excruciating toothache if a fracture reaches the nerves of a tooth. To avoid this, you must visit a dentist immediately in such cases.

Degraded filings
Filings are used to fill cavities and grooves in a damaged or fractured tooth. As this filling degrades, cavities open up and are exposed to infection and food particles. This can lead to extreme pain and toothache. So, visit a dentist instantly if your filing is degrading or sealant is eroding to prevent from further damage.

Misaligned teeth
Misaligned teeth often cause severe toothache when they press along other teeth. Resulting pressure due to misaligned teeth deforms the jaw line too causing pain in jaws and gums.

Wisdom teeth
Wisdom things are one of the leading causes of toothaches among the folks. Fully grown wisdom teeth or those below the gum line can obstruct the jaw movement resulting in severe pain. They should be removed through proper dental surgery at the earliest behest.

Improper brushing
Systematically brushing your teeth is very important to maintain oral health. Putting too much pressure on teeth while brushing can damage the gum line, resulting in weakened tooth and pain.

It’s essential to provide sufficient attention to any of the above points for healthy teeth and gums. If you are facing any dental emergencies, speak to our team.

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