We are enjoying our camaraderie back at the Park, even if behind facemasks most of the time. It is truly a shame we cannot open the museums, as there is such a high level of visitation to the Park and interest from visitors.

Of course, work on the International truck is front and centre of our attention, and work continues on many fronts – the engine, brakes, wheels, chassis, sheet metal etc. Of particular note is that we now have stain and topcoat on the wooden parts of the wheels, and they have come up a treat. We have also had a tailshaft fabricated, necessary because we simply did not have one, though we were able to use some original parts for it. I was cleaning up for painting one of the parts today and noted a stamp on it “Patented 4-9-15” (9th April 1915). Nothing could be more original! The only sheet metal part we inherited was the scuttle, which is that part in even a modern vehicle between the engine and the cabin. In modern vehicles, this carries the dashboard and windscreen, for example, but in our case, the fuel tank is carried in it, over the driver and passenger’s knees!

There is no dashboard, no instruments or controls whatsoever, nor a windscreen. Our scuttle was seriously rusted and chopped about, so restoring it is quite a job.

We do have other projects in progress, one being the Howard Hauler mentioned a few months ago. Some of the mechanical work has been done, and attention now is on restoring the steel chassis, which has suffered the ravages of time somewhat, but which we are confident of bringing back to life.

Netherby gardens are already looking magnificent this early in Spring, benefitting from the rain and of course our care.

Many roses are about to burst into bloom, so take a walk around during your visit to the Park and enjoy! If you would like to contact us, call Ian 0419 435 475, or Vern 0405 703 413.

If you would like to contact us, call Ian 0419 435 475, or Vern 0405 703 413.

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