A Modern Society Syndrome: Back Pain

Back problems are a common condition. It is estimated that 70-90% of people will suffer from lower back pain in some form at some point in their lives,” according to the Australian Bureau of  Statistics from 2014-2015 National Health Survey.

Unfortunately, back pain has become a “standard syndrome”. Most every day activities put strain on our bodies (causing many forward bending movements) added to this, sitting and ageing inevitably compress the spine. If nothing is done to rebalance the body into a straighter posture, the consequences on the back and spine will be inevitable, causing :

  • wear and tear on the spine,
  • pain in, around the back and neck area,
  • headaches.

One physiotherapist told me one day “if you bend forward 100 times a day, ideally you need to do the counter movement 100 times a day as well (in this case, bend backward) in order to re-balance the spine. ” This makes sense.

In many cases, back pain can be prevented and / or managed by undertaking a gentle exercise program suited to your needs. This combined with core and back strengthening exercises as well as spine stretching (elongation) IS actually Pilates. It will :

  • Support the area while increasing the space between the discs, hence relieving the pain.
  • Activate the multifidus muscle through spinal elongation. This small muscle acts as a spinal stabiliser. It keeps the discs separated, hence avoiding spinal compression and reducing the risks of wear and tear.
  • Prevent injuries. The strong muscles in the back, abdominals and around the spine will act as a “wrap” and as a shock absorber in case of an incident such as a fall.

  It is critical to train with a diploma qualified teacher who teaches in small group classes in order to feel the real benefits of pilates.  This is necessary so the teacher can keep modifying and changing the exercises depending on what YOUR body needs.

Fit 2 Ride Fitness, Pilates and Yoga Studio has relocated to Dural Squash and Fitness into a larger premises where we can provide a better service to our clients. Our studio is now equipped with the latest Teeter model of Back Inverter table (EP 970), which will stretch your spine. It also works by acupressure points, which will leave you feel rejuvinated and peaceful.

We have also added to the studio some cardio equipment (a new magnetic resistence rower), which – combined with the pilates apparatus and the spin bike – will allow us to run weight loss classes.

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