Easy Automation

With over 35 years’ experience in IT and trained as an electronic engineer, Michael Porter CEO of Easy Automation Pty Ltd, decided to vastly improve on the archaic and unfriendly technology of conventional irrigation control systems. Having enjoyed family involvement in award winning gardens and in the nursery industry, Michael saw the opportunity to use his experience and skills for the betterment of home gardeners, installers, property managers, landscapers and professional growers.

For many years, irrigation control systems have consisted of “controllers” with confusing knobs and dials of limited functionality that needed multiple wires laid from the controller all the way to each irrigation solenoid. Expansion is difficult, if not impossible, without buying additional controllers and/or laying more cabling often necessitating expensive re-digging.

Michael thought, “the answer is a user-friendly screen based system with proven industry standard “powerline” technology (already in over 35 million homes worldwide) enabling a single cable to control one to dozens of zones”.

Easy Automation Pty Ltd, a wholly owned Australian company, was founded and after five years of development and testing, supported with Australian government assistance, a vastly superior and ultimately cheaper, resource efficient system has now been brought to market.

With superior multi-user remote control (using most common devices such as PCs, laptops, smartphones), advanced scheduling (including using sunrise/sunset) and many optional features, the system greatly improves landscape management. Any number of pumps can be automatically activated (if needed), and lights can be controlled as well as mains powered devices. Users can start with one zone and expand easily to dozens.

New installations and retrofitting conventional systems (especially replacing the old knobs and dials with simple touch screen control) opens significant new opportunities for professional installers and a very welcome improvement for end users. Old systems can be expanded (even using the existing cabling) enabling many new zones for irrigation and/or lighting control; all with better and easier control and scheduling. Home and professional growers benefit from cheaper expansion and maintenance, better plant care and superior resource/watering management.

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