This year, school holidays could be a difficult and confusing time for children and young people who may be used to seeing friends and relatives or going on holidays. It may also be a particularly stressful time for parents trying to work while entertaining children indoors.

The Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing support website is regularly updated with advice and strategies to help manage wellbeing and mental health during this time:

Below are some ways for parents to assist their children with their mental wellbeing.

1. Communicate effectively with children about COVID 19 and their mental wellbeing

Emerging Minds ( has a range of fact sheets on communicating with your child about COVI19

2. Utilise online digital tools for young people to assist them with good mental wellbeing

A free comprehensive guide to support and guide children to have safe experiences online is available at:

3. Ensure your own Mental Wellbeing as a parent

It is also important for parents and carers to look after their own mental health and wellbeing. Some sites you could investigate include: Emerging Minds, Raising Children, The Brave Program, Mensline, PANDA, Mum Mood Booster, COPE, This Way Up, Australian Psychological Society and Sleep Health Foundation.

Please contact my office if you need further assistance to access any of the above mentioned information.