“Lynne’s Legs”- Shepherds Drive

By Lynne Newey
The Callicoma Walking Track “Lynne’s Legs”-Shepherds Drive, Cherrybrook, moderate grade loop, 5.9 kms., 1 hour 20 mins.

Shepherds DriveI started the walk on Shepherds Drive across the road from the Woolworths Service Station at the Cherrybrook Village Shops. You will see a sign announcing McKinley Conservation Reserve, Blackwattle Trail, to the side of the Scout hall. Enter here at the gate, and then about 50 metres down, you come to a signpost with an arrow showing the direction of the Callicoma Walk.

Suddenly, you are in a rainforest surrounded by treeferns, the creek and gorgeous bush. The sounds of the cars on Shepherds Drive fade away, and nature takes over.

The calls of the birds are delightful. It’s like a real adventure climbing up and over rocks and tree roots, and the rock Lynne’s Legs-Shepherds Driveoverhangs make you feel like you are in caves. I crossed the creek a couple of times, once on a little bridge and then on stepping blocks.

The track is well-trodden and easily recognised, and the signage is good. A wonderful adventure walk for kids but not pram friendly.

I came out of the bush onto the roadway at the corner of Francis Greenway Drive and Macquarie Drive. I walked up Macquarie Drive past beautiful homes and gardens back to the Cherrybrook Village Shopping Centre for a well-deserved coffee feeling very pumped and happy, and again ticking off another “leg”.

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Lynne’s Legs-Shepherds Drive